Consultancy services for Construction Supervision services for 6 laning of Section III, IV , V and VI of Ranchi Ring Road, New Alignment, Length- 36.78 Kms, Project Cost- USD 110.9 Million

There are 3 national highways no. 33, 75, 23 which pass through Ranchi town, the intensity of traffic has increased significantly on these & also within Ranchi town and as such there is requirement of augmentation capacity for safe and efficient movement of traffic. The project involves construction of a 6-lane Ring Road around Ranchi town to cater for this traffic. The total project is divided into seven sections with a total length of approx 80 kms, under this contract Section III, IV , V and VI of Ranchi Ring Road are taken up for construction with a Length of 36.78 Kms The terrain is rolling and there are many river/river tributaries crossing the alignment. Economic analysis need to be carried to check its viability on a build, operate and transfer basis.

Jharkhand Road Projects Implementation Company Limited (JRPICL) has engaged IL&FS Transportation Network Limited (ITNL) as the Managing and Supervision Partner for the Jharkhand Accelerated Road Development Programme (JARDP). Consequently, Consultant has been engaged as construction supervision consultant for Ranchi Ring Road which is being carried out by JRPICL under JARDP on behalf of the ITNL. JRPICL is executing the Improvement Works of the proposed project packages.


Supervision Consultancy Services for Performance Based Maintenance Contract (PBMC) for package-1 Roads in Tamil Nadu”

The Government of Tamil Nadu (GoTN) through Government of India (GOI) has received a Loan from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD) towards the cost of Tamil Nadu Road Sector Project (TNRSP) in Highways Department and intends to apply a portion of this loan to eligible payments under this Contract “Supervision Consultancy Services for Performance Based Maintenance Contract (PBMC) package Roads in Tamil Nadu.” TNRSP has engaged Consultant to provide Supervision Consultancy Services for Performance Based Maintenance Contract (PBMC) package of Roads in Tamil Nadu. The Services are required for the supervision of the following roads:






Supervision of Emergency Rehabilitation of the Mahan - Bam - Rostamabad (190 Km.) Highway in Iran funded by WORLD BANK, Length 190 Kms.,

The project involves rehabilitation and reconstruction of the Mahan Bam Highway in Kerman Province in Iran. Kerman province is the largest province, located in the southeastern part of Iran with a total population of about 2 million. The District of Bam is located 183 kilometers east of Kerman A major earthquake registering 6.5 on the Richter scale devastated the Bam District on December 26, 2003. The earthquake destroyed 85% of the buildings and severely affected infrastructure networks. The highway was affected severely during the earthquake. The Project Road (Mahan-Bam-Rostamabad) is one of the most busy transit routes in the country as it links to Pakistan and many important cities of Iran.

The Project is proposed to be constructed in two different slices i.e., (i) "Mahan - Abaregh" (length about 102Km) and (ii) "Abaregh - Rostamabad" (length about 87Km) and has an average roadway width of about 11m. It consists of an asphalted riding carriageway with average width 7.30m and two earthen shoulders of 1.85 to 2 m on both sides


Technical Services for 3rd Party quality check of Construction of Integrated Road Development Projects (Highway and Bridges) in District of Bihar, Project Cost- US$ 1000 Million, Bihar, India

Consultant is providing third party quality check of construction for 6100 kms of National Highways/State Roads including bridges and is entrusted with performing 40,000 tests to be conducted over a period of 2 years. Consultant has established two fully equipped mobile testing units and one filed laboratory at Patna for taking up the assignment.





Consultancy Services For Construction Supervision for 2/4 Laning works By Widening, Strengthening & Providing Side Drains on Various Roads In Sonepat District, Haryana, INDIA

The project comprises widening, strengthening, re-construction/raising, providing drains, widening of bridges and culverts, retaining structures and other misc. works on road sections. Consultant supervised the proposed civil works on behalf of Haryana State Roads & Bridges Development Corporation Ltd.